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What is WHOIS?

WHOIS – is a network protocol that secures data on domain names. Includes information such as: IP-address, date of registration and ending on the whole contact details of the owner specified for domain registration.

What is WHOIS?

On the Internet you can find a large number of special WHOIS service. Which is enough to enter the domain name and get all the information about the owner. Previously, the use of WHOIS had to use the command line, but over time the services have improved this possibility. One of the WHOIS service is a Russian-language website that will help you easily learn all about your domain of interest.

WHOIS database contains all registered domains, plus public information domain registrar, DNS-servers, etc. WHOIS service, in particular, used to test free domain name or not, and, as mentioned above find the contact information of the domain owner. It is the very idea for which was created WHOIS system.

In WHOIS database is telephone numbers, mailboxes and other available information. If the domain is registered for any organization, you can find the following data: company name, current phone, E-mail, address, and individuals. Unless, of course, as it sees fit the domain owner.

If there was a case that you have registered the domain through an acquaintance, friend, colleague, neighbor, etc. The first thing to check WHOIS service he really belongs to you. And if any negligence domain may be lost forever. Also, if you forget important information about the domain (username and password), you risk losing the domain forever.

Value whois data for SEO-Schnick

In any case, a little background information. When you register a domain name of the site is put on it something like profiles. Called all this word whois, formed from the expression «who is it?» – «With whom I have the honor?”

Whois domain

Whois data is stored by the registrar, who can provide them upon request to any interested person. And now directly to the subject. What good we can get data from the whois domain?

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Generally speaking, we can find contact information for communication with the owner of the domain, as well as the date when you received the right to own and when tenure expires, unless extended.

Oh, see whois domain, you can not just registrars, and special services, which themselves are turning to the desired DVR. A couple of days I used the proposed site (, but the last two days of test result returns: “Limit Exceeded requests to the server. Wait a minute and try again. “I hope this is temporary difficulties, because I liked this site because you can look at any whois domain zone. Unlike, say,, which does not show information for domains in UA.

Whois-response has a certain syntax zadokumentatirovanny standards. The number and name fields of the response may vary, depending on the domain area, but generally understood meaning of these fields. For example, a field with the date of registration of the domain. In zones RU, SU referred to as: created. It is in the domain zones COM, NET, ORG named so: Creation Date. In the domain zone US his name is given as Domain Registration Date. And in the area of UA in general there is no field with the date of registration of the domain, you can only see when and who changed the data domain (field changed).

Knowing the date of registration of the domain, it can be concluded whether to buy advertising on it. Do not think it’s worth procured links to sites that do not have another six months. Better even to a year filled. The site with age is unlikely to be imposed any serious sanctions from the search engines.

About the owner of whois can learn his name and patronymic, e-mail and telephone. These data can be used for communication, if the interface of the site does not imply another opportunity to contact the owner. If you do not want to show your name randomly curious or do not want to receive e-mail advertising different distribution, you can set the properties of a domain name private person, and from the field to remove the e-mail address of your primary and put some spare.